Car insurers are always looking for new customers. That is why we are overwhelmed every day by radio advertisements, TV commercials, advertisements and gifts. Car insurance tries to seduce us in all sorts of ways. We have listed a number of presents for you.


Discount on car insurance

Discount on car insurance

The Sven Insurance gives a discount of 10 percent on its car insurance if you opt for limited hull or full hull coverage. Other insurers choose to give you a discount on purchases that you make in their own shop. For example, OHRA does this.


Gifts with a car insurance policy

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Car insurers try to come up with an as original as possible gift with which they persuade you to take out insurance. Megahelp Insurance therefore gives everyone who takes out car insurance a free slip course (promotion runs until October 29). A nice idea, because maybe you yourself will drive better through the slip course, so you will be less likely to drive damage. And every car insurer wants new customers with the lowest possible risk of damage. A slip course is a handy tool for that.

FBTO would like you to drive a safe car and you can therefore have your car MOT approved for free. This promotion is valid as long as you have insured your car through FBTO. You must then go to a garage with which FBTO has made agreements. You can also have your car checked for free at a garage like this for the summer and winter.

Allsecur focuses more on families, because this insurer gives away tickets for the Safaripark Beekse Bergen. You will receive a discount voucher for a free second entrance ticket to the safari park. You do not necessarily have to take out insurance for this gift, but you do have to calculate your premium and leave your e-mail address.


Money back with a car insurance policy

Money back with a car insurance policy

Perhaps you are the most sensitive to money. Then you’ve come to the right place at Rose Insurance. This car insurer gives a two-month premium return if you take out car insurance with Nationale Nederland.



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Car insurers try to seduce you in all sorts of ways to take out insurance with them in particular. We recommend that you first compare whether the relevant car insurance policy is the best choice for you. Then decide which car insurance policy you want to take out.