6 ways to stay in shape on a business trip


If not factored in ahead of time, diet and exercise can go out the window on a business trip. Airport lounges, airplane food, corporate hospitality, and new routines can make even the most meticulous planner fail. But the jet-setting in the world must not come at the expense of good nutrition and training, there is another way.

Emil Hodzovic is a physician and founder of the Health Evolved Academy, which takes top athletes in sports and business to the next level through health optimization. In addition to medical and sports and exercise science degrees, he competed at a high level in sports such as rugby, strongman and bodybuilding, which allowed him to put the theories into practice. .

Hodzovic practices what he preaches; he travels the world to run a business and stay in shape and has established six ways everyone can do the same.

Crop free food

“Whether it’s business dinners or buffets at a hotel or conference, there will be free food and drink.” Hodzovic’s advice is to avoid falling into a “scarcity state of mind” simply because the spread is free. “Slamming drinks from reception or eating piles of free bread for breakfast is neither pleasant nor serving your higher purpose. Eat to fuel your mind and body, not to save money. There is no free lunch and the cost of overdoing it is your health and well-being.

Hodzovic advises travelers to “decide what food is worth enjoying and enjoying.” Rule him the rest of the time. Simple tips can include getting physically away from the buffet table, filling your plate well, once, rather than making multiple trips. Finally, avoid copying the strategies of those who graze for hours. Open bar does not necessarily mean drinking to excess. All you can eat doesn’t mean you have to eat it all.

Use downtime

If your usual routine includes a specific sport or a certain gym, see if you can find alternatives. Maybe you could organize a tasting session as a group event or do some research ahead of time to find out what’s going on around the area where you are staying. You can call nearby gyms before your arrival to verify that they accept appointments and to reserve the time for your visit. Removing the uncertainty about when and where you can train removes an excuse for not doing it.

Take advantage of available downtime. About an hour between events or waking up before your coworkers may be a great time to practice. “A few quick sessions, whether it’s a stationary bike in the hotel, pushups in your room, or a brisk walk before dinner, will do you a lot of good on many levels,” Hodzovic says. . Entrepreneurs run full blast or burn themselves out with nothing in between, but when it comes to health, common ground “can not only keep you going into the habits you spent months or years building up.” , but also means that you will feel better ”. Health studies also show that people who exercise tend to make better food choices.

Make a plan

If you don’t make a eating plan, you will end up overeating due to hunger. If you don’t take supplies with you, fatty fry might be the only option. “I tell my clients to have a rough plan before they go,” Hodzovic explained. Look at the menus before visiting a restaurant. Know the approximate nutritional content of popular cuisines in the region. Planning ahead is less of a chance.

The plan might not be bulletproof, but preparation means that “over time you will get better at iterating on the fly.” Other tips include ‘take protein powder with you’ or ‘check hotel facilities before you arrive’. Most TripAdvisor listings will reveal the contents of a venue’s fitness room, and many hotels are located on grounds perfect for walks. Hotel concierges can often suggest healthy local restaurants or hiking routes. Either way, planning is essential and “puts the odds in your favor when you’re in the thick of it.”

Do not overcompensate

Boom and bust are not conducive to health or happiness and should be avoided, especially when traveling on business. “The worst thing you can do after a busy trip or a hectic conference is try to make up for it when you get back,” Hodzovic explained. “It only fuels the yo-yo roller coaster and never ends well. Your body wants consistency and won’t thank you for wild business trips followed by a tightening phase. Straighten the balance by tilting the scale completely.

Hodzovic advises not to punish your body for a forgiving few days. Instead, draw a line under your trip and resume normalcy. “Try to avoid reactive fasting, arbitrary restrictions or drug rehab or excessive exercise.” It will cost your energy and do more harm than good.

Make health your default mode

Almost everyone has bad days to eat; when the best intentions are not enough. But it’s not a cause for panic if most of your life is healthy. The law of averages works in your favor. “A sub-optimal day in a week won’t make any difference. A sub-optimal week per month is unlikely to derail you completely. It’s when those few days are overwhelming that you fall into trouble.

What you do 95% of the time will prevent infrequent slips that will ruin all your progress. “Building a solid routine for your day-to-day life gives you leeway while traveling. »Make good days chaining your default mode, and everything will likely be average.

Own your choices

While further refining its methods in the real world; Staying healthy and fit while traveling, running his businesses and living fully, Hodzovic stresses the importance of enjoying the trip. “At the end of the day, life is about fun,” he explained, but “whatever you choose to do when you’re traveling, whether it’s finding a gym and stick to your routine, eat and drink alcohol or something in between, take ownership of the decision.

Travel for business with intention, not apathy. Getting lost and then feeling guilty about it “exteriorizes the concentration of control and teaches you that you are powerless.” But you are not. Make choices and face the consequences. Hodzovic said this means that you “have the power to change even if you have taken a small step back in the short term”.

Stay in shape while traveling on business by reframing free food and drink, making a plan, and using your downtime well. Involve your coworkers in health and fitness efforts to make it an enjoyable part of the trip. Strive for sustainability in the face of growth and recession and prepare ahead, with healthy habits before travel and in your normal routine.

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