A look at the Arnold Classic UK 2021 bodybuilding competition


On September 25, the famous Arnold Classic US, which took place in Columbus, Ohio, made history as the 19th champion – Nick Walker – was crowned in the 32-year history of the contest. A week later, on October 1, 2021, history will be written again with the debut of the Arnold Classic UK.

This new bodybuilding show is part of the Arnold Sports Festival UK, which takes place October 1-3 in Birmingham, England. This event is a joint production of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2017 World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall and ASF UK director Stephen Olexy. The Arnold Classic UK will feature five IFBB Pro League divisions – Men’s Open, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Fitness, Bikini – in addition to the Arnold Classic Strongman, Powerlifting, Boxing, Arm Wrestling and other sports.

The rounds will take place on Friday and Saturday October 1 and 2, and the finals on Saturday evening. The Men’s Open competition is considered the main event of the Arnold Classic UK. Thirteen athletes will take the stage to compete for top honors and a spot in the Mr. Olympia 2022 competition. Here is a list of those competing in the Men’s Open division, according to ifbbpro.com.

2021 Men’s Arnold Classic UK Open

  • Gabor Berek
  • Tim budesheim
  • Roberto Buonomo
  • Jamie Christian Johal
  • Kuba Cielen
  • Samson Dauda
  • Nathan DeAsha
  • Patrick johnson
  • Théo Leguerrier
  • Marek Olejniczak
  • Joe seemen
  • Ole Kristian Vaaga
  • Krystian Wolski

Men’s Open competitors to watch

Fans may not recognize as many names on this list compared to more established events such as the Olympia, Arnold Classic US, and Tampa Pro. However, this list is full of serious talent. Here are three contestants from the Men’s Open to watch out for.

Nathan DeAsha

According to most accounts, Nathan DeAsha is the big favorite in this contest. He has the advantage on the court and DeAsha is by far the most accomplished athlete on the roster. In 2021, DeAsha won the Europa Pro in Alicante, Spain, slimmer than ever in his career. His legs have been the focus of his training for the past few weeks, and his symmetry is second to none.

DeAsha has already qualified for the Mr. Olympia 2021 competition, which will take place October 7-10 in Orlando, Florida. Some athletes have faced travel issues recently, but DeAsha is still expected to participate in this contest and the Olympia at the time of writing.

Samson Dauda

Dauda is another UK competitor, and his fan base has grown (with over 40,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing). This will be Dauda’s first appearance on stage in 2021.

His last competition was the 2020 British Grand Prix, where he placed sixth. He has yet to achieve a victory as a pro. His best ranking was second in the Monsterzym Pro 2020 competition. He has wide shoulders and a slim waist. Its potential for success is very high. He has to nail his conditioning and outlast his competition in every pose.

Tim budesheim

Budesheim didn’t win any contests in 2021, but he was in the mix. He was the Mr. Big Evolution Pro finalist ahead of winner Andrea Presti in July. He also finished third at the Europa Pro behind DeAsha, who won, and runner-up Roelly Winklaar.

Budesheim is a taller bodybuilder who is generally very skinny on stage. DeAsha cannot be absent, or this German competitor will be ready to take the first place.

Other divisions

Here is a list of competitors in the other four divisions of Arnold Classic UK.


Classical physics

  • Ryan cartwright
  • Jack connor
  • Vincent Crain
  • Shane Cullen
  • Michel Daboul

Men’s physics

  • Sean Carroll
  • Jack Davies
  • Youcef Djudi
  • Ryan-john baptist
  • Rory gissing
  • Xiao Long Hong
  • Romane Lanceford
  • Maxime Parisi
  • Tyler smith
  • Omar Soliman
  • Ryan terry
  • Dawid wachelka
  • Emile walker


  • Anastasia Gonzalez Andreu
  • Phoebe Hagan
  • Jessica kavanagh
  • Noora Mahonen
  • Ottavia Mazza
  • Ewelina Szala
  • Petra voldanova
  • Jade Kelsie Wolfenden

Don’t miss the Mr. Olympia

The Arnold Classic UK takes place exactly one week before the prestigious Mr. Olympia. Scheduled for October 7-10, Olympia weekend will see 11 divisions compete for a share of the $ 1.6 million prize pool and the most coveted title in the sport of bodybuilding. The O is the last show of the season for many of the top pros in the sport, and the last chance to qualify was at the Arnold Classic US.

For those who can’t make it to Orlando, a PPV is available at olympiaproductions.com for $ 49.95.

Featured Image (L to R): @budesheim_time and nathandeasha2 on Instagram


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