A Scottish bodybuilder who vomited in a taxi during heavy drinking attacked a taxi driver and three police officers


A Scottish bodybuilder who vomited in a taxi during a drinking binge attacked the upset taxi driver who demanded he pay to clean up the mess.

Steven Donoghue threw up in the backseat of the black cab in Edinburgh while taxi driver Wasiq Billah was behind the wheel.

Asked to pay a cleaning fee, Donoghue, 32, punched Wasiq in the face, leaving him with a bloody mouth.

When the police were called, the thug assaulted three officers trying to subdue him, punching them each in turn.

Donoghue appeared in city sheriff’s court on Wednesday and admitted four counts of assault.

Donoghue punched the taxi driver in the face.

Tax MP Gavin Marshall said the accused took the taxi around 11pm and asked to go to the Shandon area.

Mr Marshall said Wasiq ‘observed that Mr Donoghue was sick in the back of the taxi’.

The court was told the taxi driver pulled over and tried to drag Donoghue out onto the street to avoid “further damage” to the vehicle.

Donoghue started to walk away, Mr Marshall said, and Wasiq told him he had to “pay the cleaning bill”.

He added: ‘Mr Donoghue came back to Mr Billah and punched him in the face.’

Donoghue pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff's Court.
Donoghue pleaded guilty at Edinburgh Sheriff’s Court.

After the victim called the police and officers arrived, the court heard that Donoghue was “aggressive” towards them.

He punched Pc Amanda Urquhart in the face, knocking her to the ground, before fleeing.

The court heard PC Jamie Alexander give chase, catch Donoghue and the couple “struggle”.

Mr Marshall said the accused managed to get on top of the constable and struck him repeatedly in the head and body.

Donoghue then ran towards PC Lewis Shaw with his “hands up” and hit him in the head, he added.

A number of officers eventually managed to subdue Donoghue and put him in a police vehicle.

The court was told the ‘typical’ cleaning charge for taxi drivers was £50.

Defense agent Nicola Haston said his client had “no recollection” of the events as he had “drank a lot”.

Ms Haston said Donoghue went through a breakup with his partner and “just had a drink”.

She said Donoghue, a heating engineer, had not touched alcohol since the incident.

Sheriff Frank Crowe has fined Donoghue, of the city’s Craiglockhart area, for a total of £600.

The sheriff also ordered him to pay compensation of £100 to Wasiq, £50 to Pc Urquhart and £200 to PC Alexander.

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