Artist and bodybuilder Lynus Woo explores Covid and loneliness through his art


The health and fitness industry is developing at a fascinating rate, with innovative training concepts, new business structures and constant emerging trends propelling the expected growth of the industry.

  • The gym, health and fitness industry in the US market is valued at around US $ 37.0 billion in 2021 – yet it was threatened by the recent pandemic.
  • The global healthcare industry market is worth over US $ 96.5 billion, with over 185 million members in over 210,000 clubs worldwide.
  • Lynus Woo, an insider, has a unique take on this industry

In light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has also unequivocally demonstrated its high resilience to market externalities and has shown that it can easily take an online approach if needed in the future.

Among the world’s most prominent and beloved bodybuilders and personal trainers, Lynus woo is without a doubt a name that you will have heard.

His unique personality, passionate character and unmatched philosophy have propelled his popularity in recent years and have ensured that his prolific clientele across the world is always satisfied.

Below, we’ll discuss the influential entrepreneur’s greatest accomplishments, his unconventional beginnings, and future announcements.


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