Australia sets footballer Moana Hope’s health and fitness routine as mom


Although no longer a full-time athlete, Australian footballer Moana Hope still appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy routine for one of the toughest endurance sports around – being a mom.

Moana Hope is used to grueling routines from her former life as a professional Australian footballer who played for both Collingwood and North Melbourne.

But nothing could prepare her for life after the birth of her now one-year-old baby girl.

“I’m in the 6am club with Svea,” Hope laughs.

“When she wakes up, I wake up, while Mama Bell (wife Isabella Carlstrom) is sleeping. We tend to go straight to the kitchen so I can make a coffee and then I go for a 5 mile walk with Svea and my dog, Obi. ”

Although no longer a full-time athlete, Hope still appreciates the importance of maintaining a healthy routine and a balanced diet to keep her in top shape for one of the toughest endurance sports around: being. a mother.

“I recently learned that your stomach is the center of everything, so I eat well, with lots of colorful veggies and salads,” says Hope, a dedicated vegetarian.

“Hydration is another very important part of my personal care routine. To rehydrate myself after my morning workout, I take a cup of Hydralyte Hot Hydration before starting the day.

“Taking care of my body is so important because I’m the best parent when I’m happy and healthy.

“I make sure I’m there to support Bell as much as possible – we’re both a team, and that helps us tremendously, through the ups and downs. As much as I take time for Bell and for Svea, I have to take care of myself physically and mentally.

And like many of us, that’s her goal for 2022, with Hope aiming to be in better shape than she is now.

And she has good reason, too, with plans to add another member to her growing family, locking in that early morning debut for a few more years.

“My first goal is to get stronger, so I’m going to go to the gym and work on my fitness and training. My second goal is to hopefully get pregnant. We are currently trying to get me pregnant by IVF.

Moana Hope on …


“I try to practice meditation every day. Meditation

and running are the two biggest things I

do to take care of my mind. For me, both activities are so calming and relaxing. I also like

the after-feeling of a good workout.


“I think you can get something out of any workout. The exercise was a

savior in some of my darkest times so it’s absolutely a great way to improve your mind


To sleep

“A good sleep routine is important. Bell and I go to bed early enough, normally it’s the light off

at 21h. We need our sleep. It makes a huge difference. “

Five foods she could never live without

“Mashed potatoes, popcorn, olives, fries and fruit.”


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