Brie Larson sculpted AF abs in a crop top and blazer in IG Pic

  • Brie Larson is a fitness queen, and she just showed the world that she too has sculpted abs to go along with her intense gym mentality.
  • The actress, 33, posted a photo to her Instagram story showing her trying on a new look: a blazer and shorts ensemble paired with a crop top.
  • Brie made it clear that she works really hard in the gym and can even crush one-armed pull-ups.

Fall is here, and so are the absolutely iconic fall celebrity looks that have everyone rushing to their online shopping cart to grab the newest styles. A perfect example: Brie Larson, who takes menswear to a whole new level, and shows off her flawless abs at the same time.

The Captain Marvel The star posted a picture of herself on her Instagram Story as she tried on an oversized blazer and shorts ensemble that looks absolutely fabulous. And peeking through the stripes were Brie’s superhero abs.

“Do we love?” she captioned the post. That’s going to be an overwhelming YES from me. Here is the look:

Brie Larson reveals her new look.

Brie Larson//instagram

It’s no surprise Brie, 33, is super toned. In February 2022, Brie shared a video on his YouTube channel on her fitness goals for 2022: “I’ve put every day on my calendar to work out…but there’s always something going on,” she shared in the video. She showed him pre-workout stretches and warm-ups, which is a TBH workout in itself. It also includes yoga moves, jumping jacks, hip thrusts, and more.

That same month, she shared a killer abs workout on IG. She uses a resistance machine loaded with weights to crush reverse cable crunches and runs her feet through straps connected to the machine to pull the weights up.

“Work up to 10 reps, 3x bodyweight 🥵,” she captioned the video.

Brie works out with her trainer Jason Walch (who is also a favorite of Alison Brie, Chloe Grace Moretz and Irina Shayk) and he shared a video of Brie crushing one-armed pull-ups in 2021. It requires some serious upper-body strength (and PS, you can tackle pull-ups with our practice W.H. guide too!).

Brie also began working with a nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, to feed her Captain Marvel workouts and keep her in fighting shape. And with so much time spent meeting her fitness goals, it only makes sense that she would want to make sure her body is getting all the right nutrients.

Dr Goglia said People that Brie’s morning routine included a teaspoon of almond butter and jam or fruit preserves. “The latest science has shown that a little fat and a little simple sugar will actually increase the intensity rate while you train early in the morning…and keep you training and burning. fats,” he said. . “It really starts your engine.”

The more you know! Keep crushing it, Brie.


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