Burn fat and tone up with this eight-minute no-equipment workout


Who said training had to be long and tough? If you’re about to think that and you’re bored of your usual workout routine, maybe it’s time for you to spice up your workout. Tabata workouts pack intense, versatile exercises into a very short time, like this super convenient eight-minute, no-equipment routine.

All you will need is one of the best yoga mats to practice on. The workout mat is useful for reducing the impact on your joints while performing jumping or lunging movements in this workout and for your hands when performing exercises like push-ups. Read our guide on how to do a push-up correctly if this is a move you want to master.

Physical Trainer, Heather Robertson (opens in a new tab) will guide you through the full Tabata session, demonstrating every move so you can find the right form. Good form not only prevents injuries, but also improves your training results, ensuring you target all the right areas.

To complete this eight-minute Tabata, you only have two different circuits to complete, but you’ll complete four rounds of each, doing twenty seconds, followed by ten seconds of rest. Robertson notes, “Tabata is meant to perform repetitive exercises at maximum intensity, so give it your all for that 20 seconds of work.”

Watch Robertson’s Eight-Minute Tabata Workout

Tabata workouts are not only extremely fast, but they are also effective in burning fat and boosting things like your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and your metabolism.

The intensity of the workout and the short rest periods mean your heart rate stays high causing your body to burn fat cells for energy. You get a great cardio session and tone your muscles as you go.

A small study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (opens in a new tab) found that Tabata exercise can burn more calories than normal steady-state exercise and can improve people’s cardiorespiratory endurance.

If you have a bit more time and feel like working on building muscle while maintaining your fitness level, you should consider adding high-intensity resistance training to your routine.

This is similar to HIIT and Tabata, and just as intense, but adds weight to the mix. Using some of the best adjustable dumbbells in your high intensity workout will build both cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance.

Whether you exercise with or without weights, you need to make sure you get adequate amounts of protein in your diet. Protein helps your muscles repair and grow, but it’s also good for boosting your metabolism. You can get it in many foods, but you can supplement your diet with one of the best protein powders for weight loss.


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