Centenary Ladies Gym Talk: September 20 edition


Hi Ladies Fans, it’s SENIOR Kendall Sanders (can’t believe I’m already a senior) here with this week’s gym talk.

If you ask me, the Ladies seem to have a goal in mind because these Ladies have started running. We started the weekend off with everyone’s favorite tradition of sister revealing !! Our sweet fellows went on a scavenger hunt around the campus for photos they would use for their “Guess Who” board. Then they played Guess Who to find out who their big sisters would be. Well done to Emma Lavelle as she has become part of my family! We then played a fun game where everyone got to learn a bit more about their teammates. The returnees were so excited to welcome our new sisters into the families! It is definitely one of my favorite evenings!

On Saturday at the open gymnasium, the ladies decided to rotate as a team for each event and worked together as a team. Let me just say the ladies brought the cheers because the gym was as loud as it gets! It’s always fun to have the whole team on an event cheering each other on. Kudos to Chloe, Carissa and Emma for seeing their major bar releases for the first time at Jill’s! Thanks also to senior Maddie McCary for catching her major outing and pushing herself every day!

Last spring the Ladies created a list of expectations for the team upon their return, and in Sunday’s practice we gathered to see how everyone had done their training over the summer. . Saw a lot of floor roars, bar stars and beam queens! Kudos to Lacey Wedge and myself for taking the step to move a new series to high beams. The ladies push each other day in and day out during conditioning, the open gym, track training and school.

The Ladies passed their first set of classroom tests and are working so hard! Stay tuned for more this team has accomplished! The last… The best!


Until next time, lots of love!

Kendall sanders

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