Classic bodybuilding champ Chris Bumstead puts his legs to the test with Smith heavy machine squats for reps


Chris Bumstead, affectionately known as ‘Cbum’, looked good on his way to maintaining his 3-year reign over Mr. Olympia while wrecking a leg workout in a recent Instagram post. Bumstead has won the physical Mr. Olympia Classic title three times so far, starting with his victory in 2019 over former champion Breon Ansley. In 2020 and 2021 he successfully defended his title against Terrence Ruffin, Urs Kalecinski and Ramon Rocha Querioz.

The Ontario native, the 6’1″, 230-pound Canadian will be looking to win his fourth consecutive title at the 2022 Olympia, which takes place at the beautiful Venetian Expo and Convention Center from December 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the Classic Physique saturated with top athletes, Chris Bumstead acknowledged the increasing competition within the class. He said his main goal was to improve his legs, arms and back in both conditioning and size.

Earlier in the year, Chris Bumstead also revealed his bulking plan, workout details and steroid cycle. While acknowledging that bodybuilding is a “potentially very dangerous sport”, he also encouraged people to do it as “safely and effectively as possible”.

“My ‘extras’ have been really low this year. I try not to say specific words because I don’t like talking about it because people take stuff and run with it, and copy it, and I don’t want to not that that’s the goal.”

Without going into details, Chris also hinted that he is currently on a low dose cycle and that it is helping him maintain his health while also making him look much better. This comes on the heels of several bodybuilding-related deaths in 2022, and there are growing questions about the effective dosage and health implications of mega-dose cycles.

“Again, that’s the emphasis I want to put on a lot of things right now, number one: being healthy. Get a blood test and find a doctor who will help you do things as well and effectively as possible so you don’t get stupid. Number two, as a bodybuilder, do the basics first. Make sure your training and diet are perfect before you add any “supplements” to the mix, because that’s is literally useless. You don’t get the same from this shit as you would from training, and I’ve proven that to myself.

Chris Bumstead is firmly against newbies jumping on steroid cycles without maximizing their natural potential, and advises them to make the most of the three pillars of a good physique: diet, training and recovery.

Chris Bumstead Shows Off His Incredible Strength On The Smith Machine Squats

In an Instagram post, the three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion displayed an intense session involving Smith Machine squats. With just 10 weeks until Olympia 2022, Chris Bumstead will be looking to bring impeccable conditioning and fullness to the stage.

The post went viral, catching the attention of bodybuilding legends such as seven-time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath and two-time classic physique champion Breon Ansley. While Phil Heath praised his determined mentality, Breon Ansley showed his will to face Bumstead at Olympia 2022.

Wearing a lifting belt and knee pads, Chris Bumstead completed eight reps in his first set on the Smith Machine, which was loaded with six plates per side.

Earlier this week, Chris Bumstead also pulled off an intense leg workout at Bev Francis Gym in New York City.

With the Classic Physique lineup getting more competitive by the day, Chris will be looking to display his best package at Mr. Olympia 2022. With a weight cap for his height of 240 pounds, Chris still has plenty of room to grow. Having speculated that he could retire in two years, Chris will be aiming for a five-fight winning streak to reaffirm his position as one of the most popular bodybuilders of all time.

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