Cosmo Contour Spa offers revolutionary infrared exercise equipment


Today, you can find a variety of gyms and spas around the world. As such, these establishments must find ways to attract the interest of their future customers. Having done this, Cosmo Contour Spa is the first and (as of this article’s publication) only studio in Los Angeles that offers infrared exercise equipment, the latest fitness trend gaining popularity this year. . As you may know, using infrared lights to improve your workout results has been around for quite some time. In recent years, more and more innovative fitness products have been developed to reinforce this trend, including these high-end workout equipment. So what are the benefits of the infrared exercise equipment offered at Cosmo Contour Spa?

About Cosmo Contour Spa

Nicole King has over 20 years of experience in the business sector. In 2019, she created the Cosmo Contour Spa. This is a medical spa focused on delivering high-end treatments. Most of their services are unique and innovative, allowing you to take your beauty and fitness regimen to the next level.

Cosmo Contour Spa is different from others because it offers a unique approach when it comes to caring for and pampering your body. In fact, they use state-of-the-art technology to help you create a beautiful interior image. Plus, they’re constantly updating their treatments and services with the latest technology so you’re one step ahead in your beauty and fitness journey. As such, they have decided to offer the latest technology manufactured by Venus Legacy, including an infrared sauna and various pieces of infrared exercise equipment.

Cosmo Contour Spa aims to help its clients unleash their beauty and self-confidence from within through their premium treatments and services.

What is infrared light?

To understand the benefits of infrared exercise equipment, we need to understand how infrared light affects your body. As you know, infrared light is a great fitness tool to increase your workout results. The reason is that the heat from the infrared light can warm your body from the inside. As your body heats up, your sweat glands will be stimulated, which will lead to sweating.

Most people will sweat during exercise. however, you will get better results with the help of infrared light. Keep in mind that infrared can penetrate deep inside your body. As a result, it can help break down toxins and fats. From there, you can release these unwanted compounds through sweating and other bodily functions. In fact, clinical research has shown that approximately 15-20% of infrared-induced sweat contains unwanted toxins and fats, which is far more than the 3-5% of sweat released by traditional exercise. .

Benefits of Infrared Exercise Equipment

1. Weight loss

Most people do cardio exercises to burn calories and lose weight. The good news is that fitness equipment with infrared light can improve your workout results. To be precise, you can burn about three times more with infrared exercise equipment than with traditional cardio exercise. Because infrared light can improve your exercise results, it can maximize the calories you burn and encourage weight loss.

2. Detox

One of the best benefits of infrared exercise equipment is detoxification. As mentioned, infrared light can penetrate your body and target fats and chemical toxins. From there, it can help your body eliminate these compounds through sweating and lymphatic drainage.

3. Quick recovery and pain relief

Keep in mind that infrared light can penetrate your joints and muscle tissue. As a result, it can help relieve minor to chronic pain. Apart from that, it can also speed up healing.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that most fitness centers offer a variety of treatments and facilities. Ultimately, you’ll need to make wise decisions to ensure you get what you pay for. We have introduced the various benefits of infrared exercise equipment that can help you develop a fit and healthy body. As such, you can visit Cosmo Contour Spa if you wish to try these amazing services for a healthy and happy life.


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