Dawson Creek bodybuilder takes first place in Vancouver


DAWSON CREEK, BC — Dawson Creek bodybuilder Devre Gibson took first place overall in the bikini category at the Vancouver Fall Classic over the weekend.

The Vancouver Fall Classic is a bodybuilding competition. Gibson competed in the bikini category, which was divided into four classes based on size.

She won first place in her class before each winner was taken back to the stage to compete for the overall bikini, which Gibson also won.

Devre Gibson posing on stage. (Provided by Ali Sohrab Photography)

“I was kind of shocked, honestly. You don’t really know where you’re going to fit,” Gibson explained.

“It’s almost nerve-wracking because you really don’t know when you’re up there, and obviously you can’t see the other girls [that are] next to you up there.

The Vancouver Fall Classic is Gibson’s sixth competition and fourth this season.

Devre Gibson posing on stage.  (Provided - Taken by Nathaniel Solomonr)
Devre Gibson posing on stage. (Provided – Taken by Nathaniel Solomonr)

In October, she took part in three shows; the third was the Canadian National Pro Qualifier show in Toronto.

“We had really good feedback on this show, and it was my first national-level show, and I got second place,” Gibson said.

“For me, being a natural athlete coming in second place on my first national level show, I was absolutely blown away and so happy with the results.”

Gibson said she hadn’t originally planned to do the show in Vancouver, but due to comments about her hair, pose, tan and makeup she received in Toronto, she decided to bring it back. on stage rather than just in front of a mirror.

She plans to return to a national stage next year, but she hasn’t decided which shows yet.

“Now that I qualified in November, that means I have a longer season next year. I can use that qualification until November 13 rather than October,” Gibson explained.

She added that she thinks everyone should try bodybuilding competitions.

“It’s a life-changing experience for sure,” she said.

“You definitely learn a lot about yourself, your mentality, how hard you can push yourself, what you’re capable of, in terms of strength in the gym, but also mentality, overcoming mental obstacles. It was a trip that changed my life.

Gibson said the community is so supportive compared to other sports.

“It’s never about competing with other people; it’s always about yourself and the work you put into yourself,” she said.

Gibson finished competing until the new year, although she said she was still preparing for the next show.

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