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Perhaps the best resource on campus for freshmen and newcomers is the Mizzou Recreation Center or just The Rec.

The resort opened in 2005 and was immediately named “the best recreation center in the country” by Sports Illustrated.

Students taking more than seven credit hours have the tuition fees included in their tuition fees. Equipment such as the tiger lair, a boxing gym, climbing and fitness classes can be purchased at an additional cost.

The hours are from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturdays excluding football and from noon to 9 p.m. on Sundays. Features like the Lap Pool and Tiger Cave vary their hours of operation throughout the day.

First floor

Tiger Cave: The Tiger Cave has a hot tub, an artificial river and a waterfall for student enjoyment. People can also use the sauna and steam room in the area.

Brewing station: Students can check sports equipment with ID, including basketballs, volleyballs, and weight bands. The found objects can also be found here.

Pump room: The Rec’s first weightlifting room is the Pump Room. There are dumbbells up to 150 pounds and dumbbells up to 110 pounds, as well as a range of benches and squat stands.

Sports field : The most important part of the first floor is devoted to seven multi-purpose courts for basketball and volleyball. There are also racquetball and squash courts which are open during recess hours.

Second floor

Cardio gallery: The cardio gallery has all types of cardio equipment, from treadmills to steppers and ellipticals. All of them come with custom screens, and there are TV monitors almost everywhere you watch. In addition to the machines, there are many free lockers where students can keep their belongings.

Jungle Gym: The jungle gym is The Rec’s most popular lifting area. Here, students will find machines to work all the muscles. There is also an area in the corner of the room reserved for stretching and abdominals.

Jungle Gymnasium Annex: This is The Rec’s second weight room. It’s smaller than the pump room with dumbbells up to 50 pounds and dumbbells up to 110 pounds.

The MizzouRec fitness showcase: The area between the Cardio Gallery and the Jungle Gym which is painted bright red. This area is for new cardio equipment that students can try out.

Third floor

Indoor track: The indoor track offers students the opportunity to do cardio without being confined to a treadmill or having to deal with the weather. Each turn goes an eighth of a mile with a view of the basketball courts. Mats and medicine balls can be found to the side.

Fitness rooms: Three fitness studios are located on the third floor of MizzouRec. All are used for TigerX courses which can be purchased by students per class or have access to all for $ 53 per semester. TigerX offers a week of free classes at the start of the semester.


Stankowski Field: Stank is the place to go if you want to train outside on a beautiful day. The track stretches for â…“ of a mile and offers a beautiful view of Greek Town and the football stadium. The turf itself includes three 80-meter multi-purpose pitches which are used for recreational sports like soccer and flag football. Stankowski is open until midnight every day.

Sand volleyball courts: A great way to have fun and stay active is to hang out with friends on the sand volleyball courts. All four courts are located right next to Stankowski and are open until midnight as soon as the weather permits. The courts are definitely closing for the winter.

Truman Pond: The best place on campus to sunbathe and escape the heat is Truman Pond. The outdoor pool is located just outside Tiger Grotto and features floating loungers, sofas, and constant music.


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