Iron Temple Narrative-Doc is following bodybuilder Tony Torres to hit select theaters next month


Freestyle Digital Media has announced theatrical release dates and DVD release date of the expected mixed narrative documentary film Iron temple.

The film follows the journey of International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro Tony Torres, who grew up on the streets of New York City. Tony then became drawn to bodybuilding, idolized bodybuilders and wanted to be one. By becoming a bodybuilder, Tony ventured into the adult entertainment industry and built himself a lucrative lifestyle, just before it all fell apart. After covering up the murder of a friend and pursued by the FBI, he was sent to jail for five years. After having had his day, he had to rebuild his life from the bottom up. Tony has created a small gymnasium and trained IFBB professionals from coast to coast. Tony Torres is what you would call a winner. Whenever he received a bad hand Tony always succeeded and came out on top.

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Aaron M. Abelto wrote and directed the documentary. The ensemble cast includes Tony Torres (auto), Woody Deant (Agent W), Jamil Malik (Jorge), Ruben EA Brown (Brown), Aaron M. Abelto (Agent A), Erick Szot (Lawyer Lee), Kurt Dose (Officer Kurt), Nathalie Cardona (auto), Jesse Cardona (Jay), Tatiana Solodka (Agent T), Eduardo Cardona (Agent E), Leondre Thomas (Will), Victoria Sorrentino (Becca and Jay Carrera (Jimmy).

Iron temple allowed me to integrate two types of film genres: a documentary and a narrative, ”said filmmaker Aaron M. Abelto. “It made Tony’s journey of a true redemption story worth telling, encompassing all the returning elements needed to achieve his goals, despite life’s hardships.”

Iron temple is available for rental and possession on DVD with worldwide broadcast on the internet, cable and satellite platforms on November 2. It will premiere at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica from October 8 to 14. Then, the film will be followed by another theatrical release at the Silverspot Cinema in downtown Miami from October 22-28.

Watch the trailer for Iron temple below. Let us know what you think.

Source: Freestyle Digital Media


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