Joseph Baena Shares Different Physique After Losing 10 Pounds Competing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’


Joseph Baena has shared a physical update after losing 10 pounds during his stint on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Joseph Baena took after his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in many ways, including fitness and acting. What Schwarzenegger didn’t do was compete on Dancing with the stars. This was Baena’s last venture and he recently shared that he lost 10 pounds during his time on the show.

Baena has become a fitness star and frequently shares different workout routines and physical updates. During a workout with Bradley Martyn, Baena shared her “gym addiction.” While training in a different way, Baena was able to lose 10 pounds and shared a side-by-side video of the difference.

Baena lasted six weeks on DWTS, learning different dance styles and training for hours with her partner. In the end, it was a beneficial experience in many ways.

Bodybuilding session Joseph Baena
Image via Instagram @projoe2

Joseph Baena shares the physical difference

On Instagram, Joseph Baena shared this video. He explains how he weighed 205 pounds before he went on the show and left at 195 pounds.

“No one asked but I thought I’d share the physical difference from @dancingwiththestars start to finish (6 weeks). First video (taken today): 195lbs. Second video (taken 6 weeks ago): 205 books.

Joseph Baena has been working on different big screen projects lately, but has also taken his love for fitness to the next level. In some of her best Instagram posts, Baena showed off some of the poses her dad made famous during his storied career.

Baena has kept open the possibility of competing in the bodybuilding scene. He continues to build muscle with various workouts led by Robby Robinson and Mike O’Hearn. It’s unclear if there’s a timeline for when and if he’ll participate, but the idea has been floated in the past.

What we learned from his recent Instagram post is that the dance styles he trained in for six weeks helped his overall health and contributed to weight loss.

Joseph Baena

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