Man charged with intentional manslaughter in Kalispell shooting


A passing man who allegedly killed the director of Fuel Fitness and Nutrition in a September 16 shooting in the Kalispell company parking lot has been charged by Flathead County District Court with one count of intentional homicide and another for attempted intentional homicide.

Judge Dan Wilson issued an arrest warrant for Jonathan Douglas Shaw, 35, on Wednesday, ordering the accused to be taken into custody immediately following his release from Logan Health in Kalispell, where he was treated for a gunshot wound after shooting.

According to prosecution documents in the case, the events unfolded on September 16 when Kalispell police responded to a report of shots fired at the Fuel Fitness parking lot, located at 1305 US Highway 2. Arriving at 24-hour fitness center, Authorities discovered a man they later identified as Matthew Hurley, the gym manager, who was lying dead in the parking lot with blood on his body and “what looked like be gunshot wounds’ on the torso and face of the man.

Investigators spoke to Fuel Fitness deputy director Matthew Underhill, who explained that he and Hurley walked out of the parking lot to talk to Shaw, who they said slept there without permission. Hurley explained that he was revoking Shaw’s gym membership in exchange for a partial refund, to which Shaw replied, “Well, you’re going to die,” and started shooting Hurley, according to documents. Another man, whom police later identified as Shaw, was lying face down on the ground; However, when he knelt down, officers observed a handgun on the ground in front of him, records show.

Police also spoke to a Fuel Fitness customer named William Keck, who told investigators he had walked out of the facility and heard “what sounded like firecrackers bursting,” then encountered Underhill running around. towards him. Underhill explained to Keck that Hurley was shot, at which point Keck retrieved a pistol from his vehicle. He then noticed Shaw was getting into a truck and ordered the man to get out. Keck told officers Shaw opened the door to the truck and “two bullets fell on me.” Keck fired back, hitting Shaw and then realizing he had also been shot in the leg, requiring medical treatment.

Shaw’s bond was set at $ 1 million. He faces a maximum death sentence or 100 years in Montana State Prison. He is due to appear for an arraignment hearing before Judge Wilson of Flathead County District Court on October 28.

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