Manifest Solutions IT Consulting Firm Offers Paid Training Program


IT consulting firm Manifest Solutions already stands out as one of the few technology companies founded by women, but its specialist training program goes even further.

Founder and CEO Nancy Matijasich created Manifesto Solutions from his kitchen in 1994 with the intention of changing the computer industry. At the time, there was a lack of diversity and an opportunity to treat employees better, she says.

“It’s been a pretty interesting journey to see the industry change over the past 34 years for my entire career,” she says.

Today, Manifest Solutions has 117 employees and is still striving to change the status quo with its Agility Bootcamp, created in 2011 to teach critical thinking processes, methodologies and skills in technology that many colleges don’t delve into. not. It also aims to diversify the pool of technological talents.

“Most students who come in will say that I learned more in six weeks, I feel more prepared than ever to go out and do my job than in four years of college,” says Manifest’s vice president, Douglas Deken.

The company is partnering with local colleges such as Columbus State Community College and Central State University to offer scholarship programs to market the program to students from under-represented backgrounds in tech.

Participants are also hired full-time at the start of training with the full intention of keeping them beyond the program, Deken says.

The six-week bootcamp has had 150 attendees since its launch, and many have continued to work with big companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The next bootcamp will take place in October.

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