Michal “Krizo” Krizanek wins the Prague Pro Bodybuilding Show 2022


Michal “Krizo” Krizanek was considered an amateur NPC bodybuilder early October 2022. Less than a month later, he is an Olympia qualified pro. Krizanek ranked first in the Prague Pro 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic to win his professional debut and is now set to stand alongside the best in the IFBB Pro League on the Mr. Olympia arrange.

The top six finalists in the competition are below. Bar Bend will update this leaderboard to include the top 10 when these scores are shared.

Results of the Prague Pro Bodybuilding Show 2022 — Open Men

  1. Michal Krizanek
  2. John Turek
  3. Kokeny Bela
  4. Milan Sadek
  5. Maik Ciesla
  6. Enrico Hoffman

Below is a breakdown of the podium results.

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Winner – Michal “Krizo” Krizanek

Krizanek was torn from top to bottom, and His legs were impressive from all sides. His definition and experience from past competitions paid off here as he was the clear winner when they announced the first Legends in prejudge.

Now Krizanek will have the opportunity to stand alongside the twice reigning Mr. Olympia Mamdouh.Great Rummy“Elssbiay, 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry, and the rest of the men’s open roster as they face off at the Olympia Weekend 2022 December 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Second place – Jan Turek

It was Turek’s best finish as a pro so far in his career. Turek looked great, but Krizanek had the height advantage, which was too much for him to overcome. He has represented himself well here and could potentially jump on another show before the season deadline of November 20, 2022, if he wanted to qualify for the Olympia.

Third place — Kokeny Bela

Bela had a lot of supporters in the crowd, and for good reason. He showed a lot of muscle density and had a lot posing. As with Turek, Krizanek was too impressive to turn down this particular weekend. Bela could be a player to watch in 2023 as he has shown he has the physicality and the potential to hold his own in a big formation.

Winners of other divisions

Six IFBB Pro League divisions were on display at this contest, and the final standings as of this writing are below. All winners will advance to Olympia, while second through fifth place finishers will earn Tier 4 points in the Olympia qualification system.

212-pound bodybuilding

  1. Pierre Molnar
  2. Dawid Cnota
  3. Jorge Zamorano
  4. Daniel Sticco
  5. Steve Benthin

classical physics

  1. Patrick Herczik
  2. Kelvin Hinde
  3. Sebastien Guncik
  4. Petar Dupar
  5. George Acheampong
  6. Jakub Kolinek

male physique

  1. Abisai Pietrsz


  1. Valeria Kord

The well-being

  1. Marie Carvalho

Note: This article will be updated with the rest of the divisional scorecards when the results are available.

Featured Image: @ifbb_promichaelkrizokrizanek on Instagram


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