“My goal is the start of next year”


Kade Ruotolo has become the most talked about superstar in professional grappling over the past few months.

After becoming the youngest ADCC World Champion in September, Ruotolo won the inaugural ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Championship last Friday at ONE on Prime Video 3.

Although he took over the grappling world at just 19 years old, Kade Ruotolo still has his sights set on switching to MMA and trying to take on another sport. In his post-fight interview after subduing Uali Kurzhev via heel hook, Ruotolo explained if he was still looking to switch to MMA at some point:

“Guaranteed. I worked on it a bit more. I had to kind of brake a bit, I had this huge ADCC tournament and then now this but I’m going to keep working for these hands and my focus is at the start next year to start mixing and having that MMA debut. I’m beyond ecstatic about that too.

Alongside his older twin brother Tye, Kade Ruotolo is one of the star students coming out of André Galvao’s gymnasium. Training under one of the most decorated jiu-jitsu competitors of all time set them both up to dominate the sport for years to come.

Shinya Aoki interested in potential MMA fight with superstar grappler Kade Ruotolo

No. 5 lightweight contender Shinya Aoki seems to be open to facing Kade Ruotolo again following the 19-year-old’s world title win last Friday.

The pair reunited at ONE 157 in May where the young grappling prodigy edged out Aoki in their 10-minute submission grappling fight in a match that marked a changing of the guard in the sport.

After submitting Uali Kurzhev to ONE on Prime Video 3 to become the ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling Champion, Ruotolo has once again proven why he is one of the best in the world today.

In the post-fight interview, Ruotolo seemed motivated to get him going again with the only opponent he had failed to submit in his last six fights. He even teased that their potential rematch could be under a different set of rules, saying:

“I think a very interesting fight would be Shinya Aoki. That would be kind of a cool revenge. He fought me in a grappling fight, MMA would also be very intriguing. I fought him in my world, it would be really cool to fight him in his world. Maybe next year we can get this going.

Not one to back down from any challenge, Aoki then tweeted his response to Ruotolo’s plea. The Japanese martial arts legend responded to a video of Kade’s interview on Twitter saying:

“#Me too”

With Ruotolo also talking about his wish to move into MMA next year, a rematch with Aoki would make perfect sense.

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