Rare photo of a ‘ripped’ Hulk Hogan wearing a girlish outfit in an attempt to improve on the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film


Hulk Hogan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the biggest names who have transcended their respective sports and achieved worldwide stardom. As “The Austrian Oak” dominated the bodybuilding world, “Hulkamania” was unleashed, catapulting pro wrestling to new heights.


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Over the years, fans have drawn comparisons between the two, with Hogan actually surpassing the bodybuilder when it comes to bicep size. There was another attempt by Hogan to improve Arnold, but it may not have gone the way he wanted.


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Schwarzenegger and Hogan ventured outside of their field to try their luck in Hollywood. Arnold found success as an action hero, and Hogan shot to fame after appearing in Rocky III.

The two have also dabbled in other roles. A rare photo has now surfaced from one of those films, which shows Hogan wearing a girl’s outfit.

Hulk Hogan dresses up as a ballerina

Hulk Hogan starred in the 1993 film ‘Mr. Nanny’, which centers on the former WWE Champion who takes care of two mischievous children. finally exercises his authority.

Interestingly enough, three years before, Arnold Schwarzenegger had a similar role in a movie called “Kindergarten Cop”. In the film, the bodybuilding legend plays a detective who takes on the role of substitute teacher in a kindergarten class at a school. His structuring and pedagogical methods make him cherished by students. The film was a commercial success and proved to be a box office hit, grossing over $200 million worldwide.

Hulk Hogan hoped to emulate that success when he took on the role of bodyguard for a few kids in Mr Nanny.


Unearthed photo shows Hulk Hogan out of shape and sporting ‘chicken thighs’

5 days ago


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A rare photo from the film has now emerged which shows the iconic WWE star in peak physical condition and absolutely ripped in a ballerina outfit! It was just how far Hogan was willing to go to make this movie work and improve on the classic Kindergarten Cop starring Schwarzenegger.

This one Photo is surely a collector’s item. It looks like Hogan really took things to the next level by playing this role. Although Arnold played a similar role with even more children in his film, he didn’t have to wear such an outfit.


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Arnold ended up clearly winning this battle, but Hogan can still boast that his 24-inch pythons were bigger than the biceps of the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner.

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