Rare photo shows Arnold Schwarzenegger, 74, holding his granddaughter without his daughter panicking


Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who has worn many hats throughout his life. Starting out as a champion bodybuilder, he also served as the perfect action hero. Moving on to a new phase, Arnold joined politics and also found success there, as he served as Governor of California for two terms. If all that wasn’t enough, Schwarzenegger was also a real estate mogul.


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The latest in a long list of roles for Arnold is that of grandfather. While we rarely see him with his granddaughters, Katherine Schwarzenegger posted a photo of Arnold with Lyla in his arms.


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Rare photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger with his granddaughter

While most show their appreciation to their dads on Father’s Day, the internet age has united people in one way – by posting a photo on social media to wish our dads. Faithful to this “modern tradition”, Katherine Schwarzenegger posted a series of photos on her Instagram account.

The caption on the post read, “Guys! Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful, fun dad/Opa and my amazing, loving husband. I’m so grateful. We’re all so lucky to have you both! In the string of characters of the photos was a photo of Grandpa Arnold holding baby Lyla in his arms, close to his chest. The photo shows how close Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lyla are.

Another notable thing about the post is that Katherine doesn’t freak out about Arnold Schwarzenegger holding Lyla. The famous author has already expressed her fear of seeing him hold her babies. The father-daughter duo engage in friendly banter about proper baby attire almost every time Katherine comes over with her babies.


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about 18 hours ago

The message contained a photo of not only Lyla and Arnold, but others as well. There were pictures of Arnold with Chris Pratt and baby Katherine. The message also contained photos of Pratt with his daughters, Lyla and Eloise.

The easiest role in Arnold’s life

Schwarzenegger was arguably the definition of being the best at everything. Everything Arnold touched tended to turn to gold. The “Austrian Oak” has been immensely successful in all its endeavors. But, of all the roles Arnold has taken on, being a grandfather has been the easiest, he says.


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JINGLE ALL THE WAY, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1996, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

With five children of his own, Arnold knows how to manage with a baby. Although caring for a baby is a huge responsibility, Schwarzenegger sees it as more of a fun activity. Arnold once said it was the easiest thing to be a grandfather.

Talking about spending time with Lyla, Arnold said that every time she comes he plays with her for an hour or two. Put her on the horse, put her on the dog, and after a few hours everyone leaves. “It’s fantastic,” said Arnold.


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But now that Arnold has become a grandfather to two little girls, will that always be the easiest thing for him to do?


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