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The Arnold Classic 2021 on Saturday September 25, was electric with many athletes and fans in attendance. While the competitors had the chance to shine at this prestigious multisport event, so did Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, who received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award… “Yeahhh buddyyy !!! “

Each year at the event, legend Arnold Schwarzenegger presents the award to a very special person to honor his incredible contributions to the community as well as his accomplishments.

Well, it’s hard to think of anyone more deserving than the iconic Ronnie Coleman.

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Coleman is tied with fellow legend Lee Haney (received the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006) for the most Olympia wins in the history of men’s Open competition and is widely regarded as the greatest Open bodybuilder of all the time.

His size, quirk, and conditioning were unmatched and something from another planet.

Awards and speeches

Before his speech, Coleman shouted the famous words “Yeah buddy” and “Lightweight”, which he was shouting in the gym to pump himself up before lifting “ass weight”.

8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

He went on to congratulate Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger 7x on his incredible career as a bodybuilder, then thanked his wife Susan and their children for their support. I don’t forget mom either, who cooked all her meals, and according to the big man, It was the best food in the world. For those who don’t know, her mother passed away a few years ago so it was a very emotional moment.

Coleman admitted that he couldn’t have been a successful bodybuilder without his family, and made it clear that bodybuilding is not an individual sport as many might think.

It was an extremely emotional moment for Ronnie Coleman to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award, admitting he used to say he would be up there someday. Well, his dream has come true.

“Here I am the best here, I receive the greatest reward of my life.”

He burst into tears and there probably wasn’t a dry eye in the building. After taking a moment to pull himself together, the legend ended with …

“Mom, we got a Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Watch his speech here.

Ronnie Coleman explains how Chad Nicholls helped him become the king of bodybuilding

The Louisiana native was a police officer in Arlington, Texas for many years and while a competitive bodybuilder. He left the police in 2003 and retired from competition in 2007.

Coleman had to undergo several back surgeries after his career as a bodybuilder. Unfortunately, however, this left him without the ability to walk normally.

Ronnie Coleman: “The pain is gone” in my back since starting stem cell therapy

But that didn’t stop him from training and maintaining the dedication to keeping himself in the best shape possible. Ronnie “King” Coleman was exceptionally talented and he’s an amazing human being and we wish him all the best in life.


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