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Jessica White is seen with her first place medals after her bodybuilding competition on Saturday September 11th.
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On Saturday September 11, Jennifer White took to the bodybuilding scene to show off the four years of dedication she put into the gym.
White, 32, began her weight loss journey four years ago after a doctor’s appointment left her disheartened. In November 2017, White was told during a doctor’s appointment that she was unlikely to be carrying a child.
“My husband and I had just got married and we wanted to start a family,” White said. “It really put things on the back burner because I was told that I probably couldn’t have children was something hard to hear after being a newlywed.”
White, a full-time nurse, asked a coworker to help her with her difficulties. His colleague introduced him to the gym and gave him some nutritional advice. Following her friend’s advice, the initially lost White went from 313 to 167 pounds, losing a total of 146 pounds.
In May 2018, White found out that she was pregnant with her daughter. However, her daughter was born prematurely at 24 weeks and spent four months in the neonatal intensive care unit. White took about a year off training to focus on her newborn daughter. By taking care of her child, she regained the weight she had lost; it went from 167 to 272 pounds.
When her daughter was healthy, White returned to the gym but encountered another bump with the COVID-19 pandemic. While in lockdown, she saw a nutritionist in Pharr to help her reach her goal and continued to exercise at home.

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