Teen bodybuilder who went viral after crushing weights in the gym is unrecognizable five years later


A TEEN bodybuilder who went viral after crushing weights in the gym is now unrecognizable in Instagram photos five years later.

Tristyn Lee rose to fame when followers began to notice his gladiatorial physique in the videos he uploaded.


Tristyn Lee looks almost unrecognizable five years after becoming an internet sensationCredit: instagram
Lee credits bodybuilding with having


Lee credits bodybuilding with ‘saving my life’Credit: INSTAGRAM

The youngster had hoped clips of him showing his impressive footballing skills at 15 would catch the attention of scouts.

Instead, he was inundated with comments about becoming a professional bodybuilder and has since built a pretty sizable presence on Instagram where he has amassed some 2 million followers.

The American teenager even posted workouts with big names in the bodybuilding industry such as Bradley Martyn, Simeon Panda and Larry Wheels.

Five years later, Lee seems almost unrecognizable.

In an article titled “Training Saved My Life,” Lee shares a short clip comparing his 15-year-old self to the weight machine he is today.

In one photo, a younger but slimmer Lee can be seen posing in a locker room.

Lee goes on to explain that he was teased for his short stature, which he said gave him “no confidence” and made him feel anxious and depressed.

“I had no escape and then I found bodybuilding.”

Fast forward five years and Lee looks more ripped than ever and credits bodybuilding for “saving him.”

“It’s not about the shirtless mirror selfies. It’s about the times when the dumbbells are supporting you when literally no one else is,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if you get bullied or beaten up in school, the gym is still there and that’s what kept me alive, one rep at a time.”

Lee follows a strict diet and says he goes to the gym at least twice a day.

He claims his shredding physique comes from not eating sugar for three years and following a high protein keto diet without any cheat meals.

“This is a message for someone who is considering starting their fitness journey. Be prepared to take the punches, take the criticism, and fall multiple times. “

Lee isn’t the only young bodybuilder who looks unrecognizable years after he rose to fame.

Giuliano Stroe, from Romania, became a global sensation after being inducted into the Guinness World Records at the age of five.

In the photo shared on Facebook, Giuliano, now 17, grew up holding a photo of himself when he set his first record in 2009, when he was just five years old.

Carrying a weighted ball on his legs, the youngster set a new record for the fastest hand walk of 33 feet.

The little bodybuilder performed the stunt in front of an audience live on Italian television.

Surprisingly, a year later he set the world record for the most 90 degree push-ups.

Now Giuliano looks slimmer and seems to have lost a lot of his muscle mass.

The youngster started training when he was only 15 years old


The youngster started training when he was only 15 years oldCredit: Instagram

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