The 10 best ABS rollers and wheels for all budgets


The humble abs roll hits way above its weight. In fact, pound for pound, we bet this is one of the most effective gym kits the money can buy. It is an all-in-one basic workout. Usually lightweight, durable, and most importantly, economical, an abdominal roll is a great addition to any home gym.

That’s not to say this kit is just for beginners. Everyone from beginners to advanced athletes could benefit from a ride on an abs wheel. Basically, a sit-up roll is designed to be used for sit-ups, where you kneel (ideally on an exercise mat) and use the wheel to move forward until your torso is just above the floor, then reverse to start.

The best abs roller exercise

A well-executed abdominal rollout triggers the upper and lower rectus abdominis, as well as the external and internal obliques – muscles that run down the length of the rib cage. It simultaneously strengthens the muscles around the spine that help resist hyperextension, providing a huge crossover advantage for any activity from running to squatting to keep you supported at your desk all day.

Now when we say ‘well executed’ we mean with your glutes engaged to create a slight posterior tilt of your pelvis (so that your lower back is slightly rounded rather than arched). When performed poorly or at too much volume, you risk straining your abdominal muscles or ending up prone. So build up gradually, get plenty of rest, and make sure you always control the movement.

ABS Rollers and Wheels Buying Guide

It’s a wheel with handles, what more can we say? Not much more, in truth, although the price difference is a general indication of durability. There are a few minor deviations in the design to watch out for. Some are designed to be relatively stable, so that you only focus on deployment and deployment. Others have instability built in with rounded edges or a narrow wheel, which means you and your core have to work harder to maintain shape.

Finally, you’ll notice that some ABS rollers break the mold entirely, coming in the form of two individual wheels or connected to a wide bar, for a wider variety of abdominal rollout options. Here, we’ve rounded up the major ABS rollers and wheels on the market, highlighting our favorites.

Best ABS rollers for durability

Avus Ab wheel

This abs wheel from revered weight training specialist Rogue is built to last. It features a nickel-plated steel shaft, a durable rubber tire tread for better grip on most surfaces, and sealed bearings for a smooth, even ride. The slightly rounded edges also create instability and a more difficult core challenge, making it suitable for more advanced aficionados of rolling abs.

Buy from Rogue Europe | € 66.55 (approx. £ 56)

Vinsguir Ab Roll

While the Avus roller is designed to create instability, this more beginner-friendly model has a flat wheel, which means it won’t sway left and right. The rubber and cotton handles provide a comfortable grip, while a sturdy stainless steel shaft allows it to withstand a maximum load of 200kg – and it even comes with a thick pad to protect your knees. How thoughtful.

Buy on Amazon | £ 36.02

Best abdominal rollers for beginners

Ab Carver Pro

Invented by a US Navy Seal, nothing less, the Ab Carver Pro houses an internal kinetic motor for
provide additional resistance and assistance with each roll. The carbon steel spring motor rolls up when you lie down and helps you roll back. Think of it like doing arm curls with resistance bands rather than dumbbells. The ergonomic handles are also removable for easy storage and transport.

Buy on Amazon | £ 39.99

Best low budget abs roll

Adidas Ab Wheel

Compact and extra light, this abs wheel will do the trick for most people on a budget. The narrow rubberized wheel provides good grip on most surfaces, as well as instability so you can carve left and right on every ride. However, its padded foam handles can start to deteriorate after prolonged use.

Buy on Amazon | £ 17.99

The most versatile abdominal rollers

SKLZ Core Wheels

This pair of one-handed abdominal rollers break with tradition, doubling the benefits to core and upper body muscles. Keep the rollers together for the simpler version of the exercise, or keep them wider apart for a better test of your shoulder stability. If that’s too easy, use one at a time or use your arms in an L-shape – one arm facing forward and the other to the side. SKLZ rollers can also be used to target your chest with variations of flyes and push-ups, and come with a handy workout guide.

Buy on Amazon | £ 32.99 (currently reduced to £ 31.33)

TRX XD AbCycle

Not to be outdone, the TRX suspension specialists have also reinvented the abs roller, connecting two 15 cm diameter wheels to an 88 cm steel axle. This allows for more variation in hand positions when deploying, but you won’t have the added challenge of instability that you get with single wheel options. Still, the smooth-gliding urethane wheels and molded rubber grips ensure you have a comfortable ride, even when your heart is on fire.

Buy from TRX | £ 62.95

Watson Gym Abs Wheel

The world’s toughest abs wheel, supposedly, is also heavy enough for your wallet. The Watson Gym roller looks like it can serve as a spare tire for your car. It’s been designed to hold up to 150kg, and its 2-inch-thick, fleshy knurled grips don’t dig into your palms like thinner palms, so you can focus on your core instead.

Buy from Watson Gym | £ 75

Best all-round ABS rollers

Sports research abdominal exercise wheel

This solidly constructed ABS wheel, consisting of a non-slip rubber wheel and one-piece stainless steel handlebars, ticks all the boxes. Reasonably priced, simple in design, and durable materials make this abs roller a good choice for everyone from beginners to advanced gym goers. The bar can be removed for easy storage and it also comes with a thick knee pad so you can roll over any surface.

Buy on Amazon | £ 31.97

Decathlon Ab wheel

A real bargain under £ 7, this two-in-one abs roller comes with two narrow wheels that can be pulled apart for added stability or pressed together to make exercising more difficult. It can be taken apart for easy storage and transport, and the blue version (£ 1 more) is made from 47% recycled plastic.

Buy from Decathlon | £ 6.99

Best Abs Roller For Basic Advanced Workouts

Lifeline Power Wheel

Named the world’s best base trainer in an independent review by the University of California at Berkeley, the Lifeline Power Wheel turns the model upside down. You can use its wide padded handles for standard abs, or tie your feet with your hands on the floor for advanced moves like spades, reverse folds, and jackknives. Inspired.

Buy on Amazon | £ 39.47

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