The Italian fitness hack Americans could learn from


A video has appeared online reminding us that you don’t need a fancy gym membership or thousands of dollars in home gym equipment to stay in shape. Especially if you watch old Italian dudes for inspiration.

Concrete example ? The video at the top of this article. The clip shows a man working Italian style in Sicily. It can be seen doing sloping side elevations with two boulders, touching toes at the water’s edge, and a bit of the occasional rock toss. Who needs a medicine ball? This is a “accidental on purpose” exercise at its best.

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The video was posted on Instagram by the account @italysegreta – a monthly online magazine based on appreciation of the small pleasures of Italian life – and credited to photographer Jonna Bruinsma.

“How to start your day by practicing Italian style !! 💪🏼 We like to keep it simple,” the magazine captioned the video.

His followers seemed impressed with the Italian way of training. One of them wrote: “The best. Another commented: “I like this simplicity ..”

Another said: “My head tells me it will be us by the sea next year” (translated from Italian).

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This isn’t the only school health hack that those across the pond (Americans) and us (Australians) can learn from. The Rock has already shared a smart and timeless sanity hack with followers (see below) and arguably the fittest man in the world, Ross Edgley, has also previously shared an awesome workout hack that could dramatically increase your earnings.

Good luck and get up. The world is your gym!

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