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Whether you’re someone who likes to work out or not, it’s hard to find the time, as well as the energy, to get up and hit the gym. Maybe you just can’t afford to join the gym, or you can’t wait to work out in front of a room full of strangers. More than ever, it is important for us to exercise in a space where we are comfortable.

Online fitness classes and apps are by no means new, but are definitely on the increase. There are countless workout apps, online fitness classes, and websites that let you exercise in the comfort of your own home. It gives us access to free and paid online trainers, classes, training plans and much more.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of online training and whether it is the best option for achieving your fitness goals.

The benefits of online training

Even if you choose to take real-time home lessons, download an app, or stream, you should know that it will pay off in the end. Let’s dive into the benefits of online training.

1. Exercise in your spare time

woman with child working online at home

Finding the time to hit the gym is one of the reasons many of us don’t go! Whether you’re coming home late from work or having to pick the kids up from school, it’s really hard to fit exercise into a tight schedule. When you train online, you can do it from home at any time.

Do a little exercise while dinner is in the oven, when you are on lunch break or during the little one’s nap. Training online is flexible and convenient, so you don’t have to worry about one thing less.


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2. It is more affordable to train online

Gym membership fees can burn a hole in your pocket, and while they do provide exercise equipment, machines, and other facilities, is it worth it to exercise at home? House ?

If you are on a budget, it is possible to find fitness classes that cost a small fee; although most of them are free, especially if you search YouTube or use a fitness app like Workout for Women.

3. Working online ensures privacy

Young woman at the gym using an exercise machine

Exercising in front of other people can be uncomfortable for some. You might feel embarrassed about your weight. Or, if you are new to exercising, you might not know how to do certain exercises.

When you walk into a gym it’s like starting a new job or joining a new school, it’s intimidating. So why not use online fitness classes or an app as a solution? You can still do all the basic chores from your living room without feeling uncomfortable.

4. Access a wide range of exercise classes

Choose the type of exercise class you like, whenever you want! Many gyms have different classes, but they often have a set schedule, and there’s a good chance it’s the same instructor and the same type of exercise every day. Do you feel stressed ? Find a yoga class or app.

Looking to sweat? Choose a workout like HIIT, Tabata, or kickboxing. The options are endless when you decide to train online.

The disadvantages of working online

Working out online allows you to stay active in your free time, which is vital these days. But while this is a great way to stay healthy and fit, it does come with some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages of online training.

1. All the possibilities can be overwhelming

Woman leaning on exercise ball at gym

Due to the huge volume of different types of online fitness classes, it can be information overload. It becomes difficult and confusing to find an exercise class or app that suits your fitness goals.

If you find it hard to get excited about exercising, it will likely be much more overwhelming when you have to sift through millions of fitness videos to find the right one for you.

2. There may be technical problems

Using the internet for exercise means you need a strong connection, otherwise technical issues involving your network and bandwidth may prevent you from working out. It is important to know the little tips that you can use to improve your Internet connection. If you don’t, technical issues may discourage you from fully training.

3. Online exercise classes lack the personal touch

Woman working out at gym with personal trainer

If you are just starting your fitness journey and planning to exercise using online classes or a workout app, you might want to stop and consider how one-on-one interaction with a trainer is. professional would make a huge difference.

Having a professional help you in person ensures that they can check your form, suggest corrections, and judge your performance. Without their help, you could do a bad exercise and seriously injure yourself.

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4. It won’t work if you lack motivation

Woman lifting weights at the gym with personal trainer

Working out online is easier, cheaper, and much more convenient than going to a gym. However, if you lack the motivation and discipline to stick to an exercise program, online training may not be for you. Before joining an online exercise class or downloading a workout app, think about how lazy you are and whether you can stick with a routine without professional help.

Exercise online for a healthier lifestyle

Life can be hectic, so it can be difficult to fit exercise into your daily routine. Still, keeping your body fit and healthy is essential. Training online is a step forward and it will probably be how most of us train in the future.

With that said, it’s always best to consider your fitness goals first and research all of the options available.

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