Tom Cruise helped develop a stunt training program for Top Gun 2 stars


Tom Cruise is developing a training program for his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars to ensure they are prepared to experience extreme G-forces in flight.

Tom Cruise, well known for his love of doing his own stunts, established his own training program to prepare for his Top Gun: Maverick co-stars for the demands of aerial stunts. Although it has now been over 35 years since the original’s release Top Gun, the film remains popular with fans, and the aerial combat footage still stands up to scrutiny today (many current pilots were inspired to fly after seeing the film). Tom Cruise’s Maverick, the brash pilot ace of the original, is set to return for the sequel, which follows Maverick’s journey into his past as he forms a new squad of Top Gun pilots to face off against a dangerous new threat.

Part of what made the original Top Gun so memorable were the aerial combat sequences, all of which were captured virtually without CGI. It looks like the sequel will continue this trend and avoid CGIs as much as possible in favor of real cameras attached to real jets with real actors inside. While the movie doesn’t actually let Cruise pilot an F-18 Super Hornet fighter plane himself, Cruise did stipulate that all major players involved had to be comfortable in a high powered military aircraft and excessive G-force. accompanying the flight. such vehicles.

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In an interview with geek lair, Top Gun: Maverick Director John Kosinski revealed that Cruise was so determined to portray realistic aerial combat that he actually developed a training program for his fellow co-stars. The training program prepared actors for what it would be like to feel the incredible dynamic forces of a fighter jet, forces that can be so strong that they actually cause power outages for pilots. Fortunately, Kosinski says, the production worked closely with the Navy to ensure all cast and aerial stunts were captured behind closed doors.

Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise’s dedication to delighting audiences and his commitment to real, practical stunt work has led to some truly mind-blowing moments in movies over the past three decades, and it looks like he’ll continue that trend with the next one. Maverick. According to Kosinski, Maverick will feel more authentic than ever because Cruise pushed for practical effects and his workout regimen for his co-stars. When it comes to CGI versus practical effects, Kosinski clearly sides with Cruise, saying: “You can feel the tension, the G-forces, the speed, something you could never capture on a soundstage, no matter how much money or VFX you put into it.”

Although parts of the original Top Gun may seem cheesy by today’s standards, aerial combat has largely stood the test of time and remains exciting to this day. With smaller and better cameras, faster planes, and a bigger budget to play, it’s likely that Maverick will be even more thrilling than the original and will feature aerial footage that will also remain thrilling even 35 years from now. Audiences will have to wait to feel Maverick’s “need for speed” when Top Gun: Maverick released in May of next year.

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  • Top Gun: Maverick / Top Gun 2 (2022)Release Date: May 27, 2022

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