Unlock Pure Gains With This Functional Full Body Pull-Up Workout


“Functional bodybuilding” is getting a lot of hype right now. And for good reason. It takes the best of CrossFit’s full-body movements and blends it with the more isolated techniques of strength training. Removing the metabolic sandstorm of horrible conditioning also keeps your central nervous system from blowing up on a daily basis, allowing you to focus when lifting and not be broken for the rest of the day.

Gus Vaz Tostes, extraordinary trainer of MH Elite and head of training at WIT, is a big fan:

“In my opinion, this is the future. This is the best way. If you go too much in one direction – too much CrossFit or too much strength training – you are missing out on the benefits of both types of training.

“The intensity of CrossFit, if you really want to progress, is too much for me now. I’m too old to do it all the time. But then with weight training, you can be limited to just sitting on a machine and just plugging in.

“In this functional weight training session, you must think on what you do. You need to use the right muscles and prepare yourself. You really have to work your whole body, even if you are still isolating some of the muscles. “

Do one exercise for all reps and sets at a time before moving on to the next. You want to fail, or almost fail, the last rep of the last two sets. Go too hard and start failing early, or too light and have more in the bank and you won’t get the full shot. Have 2-3 minutes of rest between each set so that you can get into each nice and fresh.

Watch Gus crush every move, then find the full workout below. So enjoy your outrageously functional pump.

  1. Clean squat x 2 for 4 sets
  2. back squat x 3 for 4 sets
  3. Deadlift x 5 for 3 sets
  4. Strict pull-up x 8 + horizontal chest at the bar x 10 for 4 sets
  5. DB row single arm x 12 + lateral DB fly back x 12 for 3 sets
  6. One arm DB bicep curl to failure x 4 sets
  7. Hammer DB bicep curl to failure x 4 sets

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