Vlad Suhoruchko on 2021 Mr. Olympia due to visa issues


Ukraine Vlad suhoruchko May not have been a serious threat to win at Mr. Olympia 2021, but it was always going to be exciting to see him compete. Unfortunately, that won’t happen, as travel issues forced him to withdraw from the competition.

Suhoruchko was invited to Mr. Olympia 2021 following a busy season competing in a variety of shows. Although he didn’t get any wins, he earned a ton of points by placing high in Romania Musclefest Pro, Portugal Pro and Europa Spain Pro, which was enough to be invited to the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world. .

Unfortunately, it looks like he won’t be able to compete, despite being invited. He posted on his Instagram to reveal that he’s struggling to get his visa to compete in the United States as the action unfolds in Orlando, Florida,

“Sad to say, but it was the last competition this year. I’m away from MR ⭕️ @mrolympiallc 2021 due to a visa issue… next year I’ll be there for sure and with a better version of myself ️ ”Suhoruchko wrote.

This is obviously a huge disappointment for Vlad, who had clearly worked hard to be able to compete at Olympia. That being said, at only 25 years old, he still has a lot of potential for him to achieve huge performances at future Olympias.

There is no denying the potential that Vlad Suhoruchko holds, especially considering his massive physique so early in his career. Although he has yet to achieve this potential, the future is clearly bright for this Ukrainian prospect.

2021 Male roster update Mr. Olympia

  • Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (Egypt)
  • Brandon’s curry (UNITED STATES)
  • Phil Heath (UNITED STATES)
  • Hadi Choopan (Iran)
  • Guillaume Bonac (Netherlands)
  • Akim williams (UNITED STATES)
  • Iain Valliere (Canada)
  • Labrador hunter (UNITED STATES)
  • Justin rodriguez (UNITED STATES)
  • Nathan De Asha (UK)
  • Regan grimes (Canada)
  • James hollingshead (UK)
  • Patrick moore (UNITED STATES)
  • Andrea Presti (Italy)
  • Nicolas walker (UNITED STATES)
  • Roelly winklaar (Curacao)
  • Hassan Mostafa (Egypt) **
  • Mohamed chaaban (Egypt) **

** Qualified by points

As the remaining stacked list shows, the 2021 Mr. Olympia is going to be a big contest, even without Vlad Shuoruchko. That being said, that doesn’t take away from his disappointment at not being able to compete after working so hard to qualify for the biggest competition in the sport.


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