Watch Regan Grimes High Volume Chest Training 12 Weeks Before The Arnold Classic 2022


On December 29, 2021, IFBB Pro League Men’s Open bodybuilder Regan Grimes posted a video on his YouTube channel, guiding fans through one of his chest workouts. At the time of this video’s release, Grimes had just started preparing for the 2022 Arnold Classic, slated for the weekend of March 3-6, 2022 in Columbus, OH. This will be the first time that Grimes will participate in this particular competition.

This particular workout was filmed 12 weeks before bodybuilding’s second most prestigious show. Grimes enjoyed a series of successful contests following his 15th place finish at the 2021 M. Olympia. The Canadian competitor placed second behind Shaun Clarida at the Legion Sports Fest on October 24, 2021. He then continued that ranking with a victory in Egypt in the KO Pro contest less than two weeks later, qualifying him for the Olympia 2022. Finally, he placed third in the Prague Pro on November 14, 2021, won by Samson Dauda.

One of the keys to Grimes’ success is his new trainer, Milos “The Mind” Sarcev. The ’90s contender took Grimes under his wing after Olympia, and they’ve worked together ever since. Sarcev met Grimes for this workout at Iris Kyle’s Powerhouse Gym in Las Vegas, NV.

Before the start of the workout, Grimes revealed his pre-workout breakfast. It included 300 grams of steak (cooked to perfection) as well as an unknown quantity of potatoes and cream of rice.


After Grimes entered the gym, Sarcev coached him on what he expects from a young bodybuilder.

“I need the crazy, overstretched and enlarged rib cage. I want the muscle to be fully stretched, don’t I? Sarcev asked. “So we’re going to be a little more careful, but I need a little more weight and then I need some crazy compressions.”

Flat barbell flye + flat barbell press

Grimes started out with dumbbell flyes followed by dumbbell presses on a flat bench. He used the same dumbbells for both exercises to minimize transition time during the superset. In addition to the warm-up, Sarcev stressed that he wanted Grimes to focus on both stretches and contractions at this point in the training.

Grimes repeated this superset with 35-pound dumbbells. The sets were not filmed in their entirety. Sarcev is known to favor sets of 10 reps – the same number research has found effective for muscle growth – but the exact numbers were not disclosed in this video.

Flat chest press

Now that Grimes is warmed up, Sarcev makes him take a seat on a flat chest press. The coach instructed the trainee to take four to five second negatives before exploding. After Sarcev counted 10 reps with two 45-pound plates on either side of the machine, he advised Grimes to flare his elbows (which goes against the standard advice of keeping the elbows tucked in).

“For me, the more the chest is out, the more the stretch is important,” Sarcev explained while demonstrating the movement with his elbows wide apart. “When I go [elbows in], I don’t have that much stretch.

Grimes moves on to his next set, this time with an extra 45-pound plate on each side. He then returns to the barbell section to perform more flyes. He uses 50 pound dumbbells for this round. Grimes does another superset of these two moves with a pair of 25s added to the machine and 70-pound dumbbells for the flyes. This phase of the training ends when Grimes performs another set of machine presses with four large plates on either side of the machine.

Inclined chest press machine

Quoting that he no longer wants to drain Grimes of energy, Sarcev has him start directly on the tilted chest press with four 45s on either side. After 10 reps, two more 45s are placed on the machine, which Grimes moves 10 more times.

Two more 25 are added and Grimes starts over. After eight reps and two partial reps, the duo move on.

Smith Machine 45 Degree Incline Press + Standing Cable Flye

Grimes starts another superset pairing by hitting a Smith Machine bar with two 45s on each side for, you guessed it, 10 reps. Grimes then walked over to a cable station to perform standing flyes with the lower back against a cushion.

The men’s Open contender traveled back and forth between the two stations for a total of three restless supersets in between. The weight of the presses has been reduced to one plate per side. Sarcev offered to help with some forced reps after Grimes failed.

Smith Machine 45 Degree High Tilt Press

After a brief break, Grimes resumes training. He stayed on the Smith Machine, but this time he pushed more towards his neck and used a shorter range of motion. Sarcev had him flexed between sets at this point as well. Four sets were shown on the video.

Flye Machine + Decline Press Machine

The focus has shifted to the lower chest at this point. The new couple for Grimes were fly machines and decline presses. The weight used by Grimes has not been disclosed. During flyes, Grimes leans slightly forward to emphasize the lower part of the pecs.

Cable crossing + Inclined press for plate machine + Inclined press for plate machine

The training ends with Sarcev guiding Grimes through a triset – traditional cable crossings followed by inclined and declined presses on plate machines. Grimes did not rest at any time.

On crossings he took a few steps out of the station to maximize the stretch when the grips were separated. He stressed the contraction as those handles were forcefully pulled together in his chest. As soon as he put the weights back in their stacks, he rushed to the next station. While performing the second movement, Sarcev seemed excited by what Grimes was showing at the conclusion of this session.

“Look, look at the streaks. Do you see? “Asked Sarcev.

A 45 was on either side of both presses. Grimed did as many reps as he could on both movements. A triset was shown to the camera before the end of the video. It wasn’t clear if Grimes would use this workout throughout the prep, or if any changes would be made as the show draws closer.

Watch the Arnold Classic

Grimes will be one of 14 men competing at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in hopes of winning the 2022 Arnold Classic. For more information or to purchase tickets and VIP packages for the competition, visit www.arnoldsportsfestival .com.

Featured Image: Regan Grimes on YouTube

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