Who Dares Gyms targets mental and physical well-being


THE DIRECTOR of Bournemouth Seaside Gymnasium said it was helping transform people’s lives, after its successful first matches last month.

Who Dares Gym, located in Canford Cliffs, held its very first competition on August 21.

The contest was similar to the Cross Fit Games hekld in America but “much more difficult”, according to one contestant.

She added: “By the time the first competitions are going on, it’s pretty high.

“Imagine taking all the notoriously difficult military selection exercises and bringing them all together in one competition.

“Well that’s exactly what the guys at Who Dares Gyms did and it sure didn’t disappoint.

“Pushing yourself to a whole new level, not only for the chance to take first place, but to see how far you can really go.”

The gymnasium on the shores of Bournemouth Beach is run by a former member of the elite Special Boat Service and their courses, like their Commando Bootcamps, are run by real Marines for all ages.

Following the inaugural gymnasium competition, former British soldier and Who Dares Wins star Jason Carl Fox visited Who Dares Gyms for a Q&A hosted by Chanel 4 charity, Rock2Recovery.

The event raised £ 1,749.20 for the Veteran’s Charity.

In addition to promoting competition, the gym also strives to support people with mental health issues.

The open-air gym hosts fitness classes called ‘Beat Life’ led by a Royal Navy officer with the aim of teaching participants to control their daily stress.

People can also participate in meditation and yoga classes, as well as self-defense classes open exclusively to women.

The Director of Who Dares Gyms said, “Clinically, exercising outdoors has been shown to release twice as much endorphins as exercising indoors.

“Based on feedback from our own members, we have literally ‘changed their lives’.

“It is the success of the mission in our eyes.”

Who Dares Gym closes in October, with people able to attend via Pay As You Go day passes as well as memberships.

For the remainder of the time the Gym is open, Dorset Military can collect free memberships for Who Dares Gyms, thanks to the Gym’s other associated charity, REORG.

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