Who is AEW star Kayla Rossi?


In a recent episode of AEW Dark, Joey Janela had a backup in the form of a mysterious woman. This woman is none other than Kayla Rossi, and she looks like the future of AEW.

Rossi entered the ring after Joey’s match with Robert Anthony and bombarded Anthony in the middle of the ring. The commentary team couldn’t recognize the new powerhouse that entered the ring as she addressed her like a mysterious woman.

Rossi is one of AEW’s newest recruits and has a background in bodybuilding. Rossi is an IFBB PRO bodybuilder, and fans got a glimpse of the incredible physique she has. Kayla has shown excellent physical shape and great speed, which is evident from all the workout snippets she has shared on her social media accounts.

Rossi has been training for two months. Fans have been impressed with her training regime and expect her to be a top notch wrestler for years to come. However, Rossi must gain match experience to be in the ring and fight the biggest stars on AEW. Rossi has also appeared in several social media posts with AEW superstar Jade Cargil, and they appear to be close friends.

Kayla Rossi: the mysterious woman

As mentioned earlier, Rossi appeared on AEW Dark to help Joey Janela. It looks like AEW will continue to tag Rossi with Joey. This was evident when Joey introduced Rossi as his new manager during a match with former partner Sonny Kiss. Kayla was influential throughout the match and ended up attacking Kiss.

It looks like AEW has huge local talent in the form of Rossi. She is strong, has an excellent physique and has proven that she can pull off any movement.

However, fans have to be patient with the superstar as AEW has to give Rossi more matches. AEW Dark will be the perfect launch pad for his career.

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